Northern California is home to one of the most plentiful chess regions in the United States.   We are one of the top five states* in membership in the U.S. Chess Federation.  

We have dozens of local chess clubs in our club list that you can drop in and enjoy a casual game.   The Mechanic's Institute Chess Club   in downtown San Francisco is in fact the oldest chess club in the U.S.   If you are serious about some competition, look at our tournament page as there is a chess tournament for almost every weekend in the year.   We have several of the top scholastic players in the United States and a few of them are even World Champion caliber for their age group.

* USCF considers Northern and Southern California two different states.

An Evening With The Masters
by Sarah Stearman
Top-rated BCS students Josiah Stearman and Callaghan "Cal" McCarty-Snead have been invited to represent the United States at the prestigious World Youth Chess Championships, to be held in the United Arab Emirates in December.
Josiah Stearman & Cal McCarty-Snead
To support their trip, BCS is co-hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, November 16th at 7 pm at Hillside School. "An Evening with the Masters" will bring together local chess Masters, GMs, and IM's to celebrate the boys' accomplishments! Come join us for great food, jazz, and company. In a separate room, kids will enjoy a chess party with bughouse, pizza, and the chance to watch the film "Brooklyn Castle"! For more info and to register, visit the Cal and Josiah website! Read More
2013 U.S. National G/30 and G/60 Champs Set for Santa Clara
by NM Michael Aigner and Dr. Salman Azhar
A pair of U.S. National Chess Championships comes to Northern California on the last weekend of October. Participants may compete for the U.S. G/30 title on Saturday, October 26, or the U.S. G/60 title on Sunday, October 27.
GM Georg Meier from Hungary
Of course, most chess nuts seeking a wild weekend on the chess board plan to play in both tournaments, for a total of nine games. Now that sounds like fun! Some of them will not miss out on the Blitz event on Saturday night. Read More

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Re-Birth of the CCJ
The CalChess Board of Directors has voted to start publishing the California Chess Journal again. In March, Eric Schiller created a Winter 2009 issue ( see back issues), later we had well-known writer Frisco Del Rosario create a Summer 2010, up to January 2011 issue. Next we had the young and talented Aditya Kumar as editor for two issues in 2012. Now we have Scott Mason taking over for a few issues, the latest you will see below. With your support, we are hoping to continue publishing an electronic version four times a year. Once we get this established, issues will be FREE and emailed to all current CalChess members.

If you are interested in receiving a copy, make sure your membership is up-to-date, by checking for your name on the Membership List. We will also publish back issues on the website, and if CalChess has the financial resources, you may see some printed issues you can pick up (for free) at your local tournament!